[adults] olympics
Getting drunk on cachaça, eating pizza, watching the Olympics ceremony. You're all welcome to join. Let's make it a party.

(Adult) April birthday folks
party girl, english and proud
I know it's been pretty tense around here the past few days with what happened to Julian, but for those interested, Garrison and I are having a quiet birthday drink down at Harry's this evening. Darcy, I know you had a birthday this month too, so you're totally included. ;)

Medlab staff only
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Well. Fuck.

Why thank you
Wine drinking time!
To all the people Jennie and I managed to flag down last night. I had a wonderful, and somewhat blurry time. I definitely think this should happen more often.

So I've done my thing and taken a look at the littlest troublemaker, otherwise known as Maya, after this whole Slender-mess. She's back to her normal grouchy self, no residual evil, but it does look like she has a weakness for being possessed. Why that is I don't exactly know - some people are just extra sensitive and stick out like sore thumbs to the whole spirit world - but it's definitely a problem, what with the knack this place has for attracting trouble of the mystical kind.

I've cobbled up a personal ward for her, something which will at least warn any magically-adept people around her that something's about, but to properly protect her, I need a lot more info and a bit of help. So once I'm able to track him down, I'll probably be having a nice long chat with this grandfather of hers. Wade, anything you have in terms of contact details would be great - Maya was kind of vague.

Otherwise, she's fine. Keep an eye on her for signs of trauma and stress - possession isn't fun.

Today: The "Adult" Version
Short Hair Don't Care
Can the kids maybe not be punished for being stupid? It's hard as hell when you don't trust the adults here and they've been punished enough just by ending up in that god forsaken place.

That said, that might be something that needs to be worked on because when I'm the adult a kid trusts enough to turn to, something's wrong. I still need to be bailed out of trouble myself ninety percent of the time, I shouldn't be the one people trust to go on a rescue mission.

These Missing Children Reports Are Still Coming In.
I am all for promoting independence and youthful rebellion, but have we considered microchipping our crop of misfits? The Salem Center Schools have pretty much called a curfew and the police are supervising extracurriculars. There's a lot of paranoia about this string of missing kids.

~ A

For adults, adulting
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1. Amateurs go out on New Year's Eve, pros go out on New Year's Day.
2. Except when New Year's Day is a Friday, apparently. Then the lines blur.
3. Can someone pick me up at this Taco Bell in Secaucus? Story of how I got to Secaucus included, once I piece the whole thing together.
4. Bring socks. I am missing them.
5. Should have said no to the AM Crunchwrap.

Swear jar? Y/y?
Channeling Emma
Am attempting to clean up my potty mouth in the new year.

Anyone want to join me in a swear jar for the labs? I figure a $1 for particularly bad words, maybe 50c for things like the less egregious examples.

Medical Stuff
[Medical staff only]

Given that Amelia is leaving us for Muir and we currently have several new members joining us, it might be time to talk about the rosters.

My physical therapy has been going quite well, and I'm capable of light duties in the Medlab. My training, currently is well enough along that I could shadow the fully certified doctors. Given that I'm still in my last year of Medical school, and am still well away from full recovery of my only recently augmented limb, I'm obviously not fully qualified to be an attending doctor just yet. I could do in a pinch or an emergency but I would be uncomfortable being left alone for any length of time.

I suppose first things first would be for us all to sound off here on what days and times are best suited to our schedules currently? I'm aware that needs change and all rosters would need to be flexible at best given our unique challenges but I feel a little structure would not be entirely unwelcome?


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